Breaking news,

in the smallest possible sense of both “breaking” and “news.” It’s Thrift Horror: The Interview, from The Upstate Farmhouse. Thank you, Julie, for this chance to blather about something other than shell art :)

Thanks for the Callout :)

A nice little callout from the Glitter Parfait blog, a charming guided tour through all things pink and sparkly. Thank you, Usamimi!

Time-wasting 101

If you’re a social media junkie, I’m going to start linking to this blog’s entries–“every” Monday, Wednesday and Friday–on Google+. Check it out!  


Just a small shout to fellow thrifter, Dogs Mom. Thanks for the linkage :)

It’s our first call-out :)

This may be Thrifthorror’s first semi-mainstream-media callout :)