ThriftHorror had its origins in the dusty bargin bin of time, where Ymir first purchased Krvlyn, a mighty war-hammer made entirely out of cowrie shells and pipe-cleaners twisted from the intestinal workings and heartstrings of mighty dragons and dead gods, for $2.78, because red tags were on half price that day.

There are some that would dispute the historical veracity of this assertion.

It’s also distinctly possible that ThriftHorror was birthed in the Thrift Shop Horrors Livejournal community, but this story is MUCH less exciting, because it leaves off the red tag sale bit. The Thrift Shop Horrors community is a FANTASTIC place to show off your latest kitzch and outsider art, wrested from the bowels of Goodwill and saved from Savers. I founded the community with one simple mission: to show off the horrible finds in the Austin, Texas thrift scene, without actually having to BUY anything. I’m sure they love me at Lone Star Thrift.

Over the years, Thrift Shop Horrors has made best of livejournal twice, been nominated for the LJ 10-year anniversary book, and mentioned on radio, newspapers, blog, and slashdot (wheee!)

ThriftHorror is a return to roots, to the dynamic and amazingly strange world of the Austin Thrift Scene (with occasional expeditions out of town). Welcome, and happy reading!

TV’s Jacob